The “family business” mentioned in yesterday’s post included some repositioning of plants in our garden – weekend with an extra holiday thrown in are good for those chores. While watering the newcomers, I spotted a few brightly coloured dragonflies on the wet plants. Pictures of both species can be found on my Flickr photostream. By the way, I call them “new” visitors to our garden, because I have often seen dragonflies in there before – but these last few were significantly smaller than earlier specimen. These red and blue dragonflies measured no more than 5cm at the most.

Clicking on the images will take to a larger version of the photos. Now if someone could tell me which species I saw (just leave a comment on the corresponding picture on Flickr, of here, of course).


I don’t have much time for blogging these days: weekdays are for work, and weekends are reserved for family business (<grin />) and motorcycle touring…

(Click on the image to see more of my trip)

Who says you can’t go on a big motorcycle tour with a BMW R1100S ? Here’s proof that it can be done:

User ‘buzzerbee’ photographed his packed R1100S outside Canon City, Colorado


My admiration of the R1100S motorcycle should be clear to any reader of this blog. Even today, I think back to mine from day to day. If it weren’t for my back and hip issues, I would probably still own and ride it.

I’ve shown a picture of a similarly modified BMW R1100S before: street-fighter handlebars and a windscreen extension turn it into a different proposition.

Paul Campagna’s BMW R1100S as he bought it (click on the photo to see more pictures of the bike)

And then wonder: why did I not convert mine to such a form, rather than trade it for the F800GT ? Well, there’s no use crying over spilt milk – but I would love to ride an R1100S with a street-fighter handlebars for a day or so!

Last Sunday, I covered almost 200 km on a good half day. Sunny but not too warm: the ideal weather for a ride and some photographs!

More and bigger photos can be found in my Flickr stream – just click to go there

I hope the photos convey some of the pleasure I had during this trip.

It cannot be repeated enough: “There is No Middle Ground on Encryption” says the EFF. Specifically: the so-called “backdoors” requested by government can only weaken the encryption used, basically rendering it vulnerable to malicious attacks. The legal arguments put forward by the EFF are, of course, specific to the USA, but similar cases can certainly be built in many other countries. And the other arguments only fail to convince those who don’t know what they’re talking about… So let’s spread the word: no backdoors!

Source: Shutterstock

Also interesting is the fact that the general conclusion from a 1996 (!) study (also quoted by the EFF) still remains pretty valid:

It is true that the spread of encryption technologies will add to the burden of those in government who are charged with carrying out certain law enforcement and intelligence activities. But the many benefits to society of widespread commercial and private use of cryptography outweigh the disadvantages.

April 2018 was an exceptionally warm month in Belgium, according to the local meteorological services. But “warm” does not equal “sunny”. In fact, April 2018 was almost the April with the least sunlight in the history of our panels – only April 2012 was a bit darker. And 82% of the average is nothing to boast about…

The good news: today is a fine, sunny day – much better than yesterday!