Rich Stevens has a point in his “Comic: Classic Mac Meltdown“.

Click to see the full comic.

But let’s face it: most of the old Macs are nice collector items, but not much use for actual daily use on the Web these days!


More than 15 years ago, I wrote about my resolve to keep up with the writings of Brent Simmons. I wanted to do that, not because he was one the makers of Frontier and working at UserLand, but because I liked (and still like) the fact that he applies ethics to all aspects of his life – including programming and software.

You don’t have to agree with his take on things, but at least go over and read Brent’s hopes for 2018:

Rebuilding the social open web is not the one cure that we need for all our ills. I’m fully skeptical of technological solutions to problems of culture and politics. But it is an important thing we can and should do. My small hope for 2018 is the knowledge that I’m not the only person thinking that way.

Building a social open web will, unfortunately, take more than one calendar year. But it’s important to start (some will say: to continue) the construction of such a web: every journey starts with a single step. Technology won’t bring the cure; only people can do that.

PS. No, I haven’t yet started reading Tim O’Reilly’s “WTF What’s The Future And Why It’s Up To Us”. But you can see why I had to buy (and read, I promise) that book.

A year ago, I wrote about my search for a decent desktop cradle for the Samsung Galaxy S7. Well, since the last week of December 2017 that search is over. I have bitten the bullet and ordered the “Fast Wireless Charging Stand” from Seneo, and connected it to the original “Adaptive Fast Charger” from Samsung.

So far, I can only say that I’m very happy with this combo. The S7 will announce the reception of electricity in either standing or laying position, as long as it’s more or less centred on the stand. All while the S7 is incased in a thin, transparent case.

I haven’t measured the charging speed, because I don’t really care about that. I leave my S7 on the charger all night, and I have never run out of juice in the course of a full day – so why bother? My main concern was ease of use, and that works out great.

I have added a new line to an page that has been living on this site for many years: the One-liners page is part of my attempt to salvage a bit of good humour.

This one is worth more than a chuckle, at least for IT nerds (thanks, BoingBoing):

What does a Jedi use to open a PDF file? Adobe-Wan Kenobi

The weatherman had already announced (in Dutch) the bad news two weeks ago, and now our solar panels confirm the fact: December was a very dark month, in terms of sunshine. At the same time, temperatures are higher than what we would expect this time of the year – yes, we had a bit of snow on two occasions, but apart from a single night we had no real freezing mornings in our neighbourhood…

Anyhow, the solar panels on our roof produced an all-time low of electricity last month: in fact, we hit an all-time low, well below 60% of the mean of the previous 8 years. Combined with eleven months before December that were mainly below average as well, that makes for a disappointing total of electricity produced.

Are we experiencing just a few fluctuations in the weather, or is it the impact from climate change that produces more clouds and hence less sunshine? Contrary to some (yes, I’m pointing at you too, Donald), I do not have enough data to answer that question conclusively – let’s leave that to scientists rather than gut feelings, OK ?

Yes, Samsung sent out another software update for the Galaxy S7 here in Belgium.

But the essential part of the “update” is limited to the Android Security patch level, now at “December 1st, 2017“. That’s just barely good, Samsung. Where are the versions of Android 7.1, Android 8 or Android 8.1 for this device? Is the S7 already destined to be abandoned when it comes to serious software updates?