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While we were on holiday in Slovenia, we saw several dozen (if not hundreds) of Harley-Davidson motorcycles on the road and on parkings. Clearly there was some kind of reunion going on during the first week of September. And right in between all those Harleys we found a BMW R1100S on the bank of lake Bled. To top it off, the bike did not look like the almost 50.000 km on the counter: it was spotless and perfectly maintained. I enjoy my F800GT a lot, but the R1100S has stolen my heart – and bikes like this are the reason for that. Congrats to its German owner.

Lakeside in Blad, Slovenia

PS. I couldn’t get a better image of this bike all by itself, since there were too many other bikes around it. A shame, because it was worth a more glorious picture!


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More Boxer Stuff

Because the weather today was better than expected (we even had quite a bit of sun)…

Because I continue to find the R1100S the best-looking boxer BMW ever designed…

Because I did find another nice picture on the late Kapaza website…

All that are good reasons to present another picture of a simple, almost standard BMW R1100S.

Based on this image, I’m even starting to like the yellow variant!

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A Black Beemer Beauty

No, I haven’t forgotten my own BMW R1100S, and I still enjoy looking at this model in all its forms and colors. Take for instance this black beauty (next to a somewhat hidden white beauty).

A beautiful black R1100S, courtesy of 'bimmerphan'

A beautiful black R1100S, courtesy of ‘bimmerphan‘ – click the image to see the full resolution photo.

Owner ‘bimmerphan‘ also has (had?) a BMW K75 in his garage – he’s lucky enough to have a big garage (mine can’t fit two motorcycles – yet).

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If I would still be riding my BMW R1100S today it might have looked a bit like this one:

I found this picture recent ly on a second-hand listing.

I found this picture recent ly on a second-hand listing.

I had been contemplating a more upright position earlier, and I had already investigated similar so-called “street fighter” handle bars. But in the end my right leg decided the F800GT was a better choice ;-)

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Motorcycle Touring Envy

An Oregon Expatriate posted this picture to the ADV Rider forum, and boy, am I jealous. Yep, I’m jealous – not as much about the bike, but about the landscape the bike is allowed to roam in!

ORexpat's ride on the Olympic Peninsula

ORexpat’s ride on the Olympic Peninsula

Never mind though – I’ll be adding a few hundred kilometers to the odometer of the new F800GT myself during the coming days ;-)

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Ye Olde Love…

I may be riding an F800GT now (and liking it, yes indeed), but somehow I miss my previous bike: the BMW R1100S. Now if only I had mountains such as these in my backyard…

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Bragging about the BMW R1100S: I have done my share of that on these pages. I still think it is the most elegant motorcycle sold by BMW, and it’s a great ride as well – what more can you ask for? Well, I do have one problem with the machine: even with lowered footpegs (thank you, Wunderlich) I get cramps and pains in my right thigh when I ride it for a whole day. That’s the result of a hip problem, which isn’t the fault of the R1100S. But since the problem is getting worse every year, I have been eying other motorcycles, trying to imagine which model would lessen the pain.

What a beauty, even with that silly tank bag

What a beauty, even with that silly tank bag

Three weeks ago, I had the unexpected opportunity to testdrive a BMW C650GT scooter as well as the BMW F800GT.

The maxi-scooter is luxurious yet quite dynamic. On the small roads I tried it on, I did not have the impression of going slower compared to the R1100S. A strange feeling, really: driving an upbeat tempo while sitting in your lazy chair. Unfortunately for me, after several hours my back started complaining (don’t say it out loud: I know I’m getting older).

And then there was the F800GT. I had been looking at its predecessor in 2006, the F800ST, but that one somehow failed to convince me. Riding the F800GT three weeks ago, however, was an eye-opener. It’s not as sporty as the R1100S, and the engine does not have that wonderful push the boxer can give from low revs on. But I was very happy to drive it: an agile bike with all the trimmings I could ask for (ABS, ASC, ESA, heated grips, comfortable seat, etc.). And to top it off: no pain in my leg!

So a few days later I bought one. It’s not entirely new, but that’s no show-stopper for me. Here it is, next to the R1100S that I will be missing – but I’m sure the new kid on the block will bring its own sensations and adventures. That is what riding a bike is all about, no?


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