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Who says you can’t go on a big motorcycle tour with a BMW R1100S ? Here’s proof that it can be done:

User ‘buzzerbee’ photographed his packed R1100S outside Canon City, Colorado



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My admiration of the R1100S motorcycle should be clear to any reader of this blog. Even today, I think back to mine from day to day. If it weren’t for my back and hip issues, I would probably still own and ride it.

I’ve shown a picture of a similarly modified BMW R1100S before: street-fighter handlebars and a windscreen extension turn it into a different proposition.

Paul Campagna’s BMW R1100S as he bought it (click on the photo to see more pictures of the bike)

And then wonder: why did I not convert mine to such a form, rather than trade it for the F800GT ? Well, there’s no use crying over spilt milk – but I would love to ride an R1100S with a street-fighter handlebars for a day or so!

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User “plexiform” writes: “start ’em young“. Well, the son of my friend M. is already in this situation: his toddler is mad about motorcycles!

(Click on the picture to see the original photo)

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More curvy roads, but no sun…

(Click on the picture to see the original photo)

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A couple of years ago on this blog, I started publishing links to a wide variety of photos picturing the BMW R1100S. That was the bike I owned at the time. While revisiting the forum websites where I found most of these pictures, it became clear to me that even in 2018 the R1100S owners still take pride in their machines. So I’ll continue to tell you about the new pictures I found.

Jeff Roof’s family & friends are very fond of
the R1100S (and its successor)

(Click on the picture to see the original photo)

Here’s the follow-up picture:

(Click on the picture to see the original photo… and more!)

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While we were on holiday in Slovenia, we saw several dozen (if not hundreds) of Harley-Davidson motorcycles on the road and on parkings. Clearly there was some kind of reunion going on during the first week of September. And right in between all those Harleys we found a BMW R1100S on the bank of lake Bled. To top it off, the bike did not look like the almost 50.000 km on the counter: it was spotless and perfectly maintained. I enjoy my F800GT a lot, but the R1100S has stolen my heart – and bikes like this are the reason for that. Congrats to its German owner.

Lakeside in Blad, Slovenia

PS. I couldn’t get a better image of this bike all by itself, since there were too many other bikes around it. A shame, because it was worth a more glorious picture!

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More Boxer Stuff

Because the weather today was better than expected (we even had quite a bit of sun)…

Because I continue to find the R1100S the best-looking boxer BMW ever designed…

Because I did find another nice picture on the late Kapaza website…

All that are good reasons to present another picture of a simple, almost standard BMW R1100S.

Based on this image, I’m even starting to like the yellow variant!

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