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The weather of last few weeks of May Was relatively sunny, here in Belgium. Nevertheless, the solar energy production of the past month ended up (slightly) below average, and below the target of 290 KWh that I hoped to achieve.

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What our cells need, is lots of sun and temperatures that don’t go into the high twenties or more (Celcius!) – but that combination is rather rare here in summer.

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This blog has been a quiet place, the last two weeks. Well, I have been busy with organising a motorcycle day trip with friends, and that takes time – even when some of the scouting has already been done. To get in the mood, just have a look at some of the pictures I took on the route of this trip. I’m pleased to say that my friends were impressed with the fact that there are still so many small, rustic and green roads in the province of Antwerp.

Calm and relaxed, near the canal…

As an example, have a look at the bridge in the picture above. I was surprised to find out that there are still iron bridges with a wooden deck in our region. If you don’t believe me (nor Google Streetview – see below), just head over to a road called Mosselgoren in Geel…

(As seen in (c) 2017 Google Streetview)

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Without an obvious reason, my iPad started an endless bootloop last Saturday. Very annoying: I had used it to check my mail, put it to sleep, and a few hours later all I saw was the Apple logo coming on and disappearing, coming on and disappearing, etc.

In the end I had to resort to the DFU trick and re-initialise the device, with the iPad connected to my Mac. Since all my essential data are on the Web, I did not lose much info. But I’m still reconfiguring everything – my last backup dated from 2015!

Luckily, although it cost me several hours, the situation did not turn into an iPocalypse ;-)

Go read the rest on Scripting.com!

Like Dave Winer, I think an iPocalypse is a great premisse for a story, bookwise or as a movie.

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Quick update on our solar energy production: April 2017 produced a “below average” number of KWh. The total is similar to last year, but almost 15% below the average of the past 7 years. That’s three months in a row dragging down our averages – let’s hope the rest of the year does not go the same way.


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In my family, just like so many others here in Antwerp, we also use May 1st to offer flowers to our mother. Not just any flower, but “Lily of the Vally” or “Lelietjes van Dalen”. I have my virtual Lily ready… the real ones will be delivered today.

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National statistics may say that March 2017 was sunnier than “normal” (statistics since 1830 or so), but on our roof the numbers are different: March 2017 generated less solar electricity than the average of the previous 7 years (178.345 Wh). Still, it could have been worse: the first half of the month made it look as if the system would not even make it half way to the average. So in the end, I guess the conclusion is that March was more or less “average” when it comes to the sun. The good news, of course, is that Spring is in the air, with flowers and blossoms and fresh green all over our garden.

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The weather isn’t too great here in Belgium: the last weeks have been grey and wet. Yes, we had a cloudy day in Valencia during our stay there – but we also had blue skies and white clouds and the sun!


Anyway, the Belgian meteorological conditions are reflected in the solar energy numbers for February – in the history of our system this was the gloomiest of Februaries. Combined with the past December and January that makes for a mediocre Winter, in terms of energy production by the sun.

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