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In 2015 my wife and I happened to be in Sydney (Australia) at the start of the Vivid light festival, early in the evening. The weather was bad then – it rained heavily by moments – and since we were on a ferry coming from Parramatta we only got a glimpse of what the festival has to offer. But even so it was a great event, something we’ll remember for the rest of our lives – we have a few photos of that evening to keep the memory alive.

And now there is an extensive video on the 2018 version of Vivid on Youtube – it’s enough to make us want to go back there again! The projections onto the Sydney Opera House seem to have gotten even better…

(Click on the picture to see the whole video on YouTube)

Thanks Cory, for pointing us to this video.


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Our national meteorological institute claims that June 2018 was a month with above-average sunshine (in number of hours of sunshine), but the electricity production numbers of our solar panels do not reflect that. We got only about 92% of our average production – but at least that’s not the worst score in the June history of our installation ;-)

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I got lucky last weekend: one of the macro photographs I made turned out very well, if I may say so. For a larger version, go to Flickr by clicking on the image…

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This blog is almost as old as ‘inessential‘, written by Brent Simmons. We both started in 1999, and I must admit that I did not know what I was doing at that moment! I certainly did not expect me to be sitting here, more than 18 years later, still writing in a language that is not native to me.

I do hope that you may agree with his view:

[…] to read a good blog is to watch a writer get a little bit better, day after day, at writing the truth.

Om Malik mentions how blogs help you understand a person:

And that’s precisely what blogs do. That’s what Dave does. That’s Gruber’s log. The words made you understand the writer, and the person.

That is exactly what Dave Winer means when he defines a blog as ‘The unedited voice of a person‘. A business blog usually is just a chronological announcement list, not a blog, making it a platform for the communication or marketing division. Useful, perhaps, but not a blog.

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May 2018 will deserve a special note in the diary of Belgian meteorologists. It was almost the warmest May since a long time, and luckily that also means that we had lots of sunshine. And sunshine means solar electricity production, of course: our panels produced 108% of the average of the past 8 years.

I do note that even of really sunny days (by which I mean: days with a fine blue sky from sunrise to sundown) the production never went higher than a notch over 13KWh. That is a bit disappointing, since May 2012 for example gave us up to 16KWh. It’s been a while since I had a look at the installation (I don’t inspect my roof that often ;-). I really need to go up there and clean the reflective foil underneath the panels – after all, Solyndra claimed that the foil was one way to boost the number of electrons reaching the tubes containing the photovoltaic cells.

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The “family business” mentioned in yesterday’s post included some repositioning of plants in our garden – weekend with an extra holiday thrown in are good for those chores. While watering the newcomers, I spotted a few brightly coloured dragonflies on the wet plants. Pictures of both species can be found on my Flickr photostream. By the way, I call them “new” visitors to our garden, because I have often seen dragonflies in there before – but these last few were significantly smaller than earlier specimen. These red and blue dragonflies measured no more than 5cm at the most.

Clicking on the images will take to a larger version of the photos. Now if someone could tell me which species I saw (just leave a comment on the corresponding picture on Flickr, of here, of course)…

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April 2018 was an exceptionally warm month in Belgium, according to the local meteorological services. But “warm” does not equal “sunny”. In fact, April 2018 was almost the April with the least sunlight in the history of our panels – only April 2012 was a bit darker. And 82% of the average is nothing to boast about…

The good news: today is a fine, sunny day – much better than yesterday!

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