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Strange as it may seem, it does exist: an open-source motorcycle. At least, that’s what a company called Fictiv is telling us. Their name may not bode well in this context, but the company seems legit, going by their website. The blog post detailing their effort, “Open Source. Open road. Build your own fully customisable, street-legal motorcycle in a weekend“, is unfortunately rather skimpy on details.

The open-source bike on the open road

The bike does look good. I’m certainly not the only one who would like to know how it handles, what it costs, whether it can be done in a weekend, etc. If you have a more detailed report, let it know in the comments!

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Sunday March 26th, was one of the best days of the year: sunny and not too cold. Time for a ride on the BMW F800 GT – and a nice ride it was. Proof by pictures: see them all on Flickr.

(Click the picture to go to Flickr)

Note: I wasn’t the only two-wheeler to take a bike to the road!

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A Black Beemer Beauty

No, I haven’t forgotten my own BMW R1100S, and I still enjoy looking at this model in all its forms and colors. Take for instance this black beauty (next to a somewhat hidden white beauty).

A beautiful black R1100S, courtesy of 'bimmerphan'

A beautiful black R1100S, courtesy of ‘bimmerphan‘ – click the image to see the full resolution photo.

Owner ‘bimmerphan‘ also has (had?) a BMW K75 in his garage – he’s lucky enough to have a big garage (mine can’t fit two motorcycles – yet).

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We were too intent on riding our bikes rather than photographing them, but I still managed a few good stills during our recent Eifel trip. Here’s the black and white version; click on the photo to see them all on my Flickr album for this trip.

Rain in the morning, sun in the afternoon

Rain in the morning, sun in the afternoon

Not as good as I would like them to be, but that’s an incentive for more touring and more photographing!

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Exclusive BMW For Sale

I don’t intend to publish all oldtimer sales I encounter, but this one is rather special. Since a few days, someone is offering a 1939 BMW R71 for sale on a secondhand sales site called 2dehands.be. The bike is seemingly in excellent condition and is said to come with papers from BMW… ánd from the Gestapo. The exclusive character of the bike is reflected in the price.



I hope this bike finds a good home!

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The solar energy production numbers are in for July, and they’re below average. For 2010 up to and including 2015, the average production of the month of July is just above 298.000 Wh; this year just got us 94,5% of that.

Luckily July also ended with a four-day motorcycle weekend that was a lot of fun. Yes, we had our fair share of rain this year, but that did not spoil our trip. Lots of fun, lots of fast and slow turns, a great landscape, and a fantastic way to get to know the F800GT better. The GT turns out to be an excellent motorcycle for the roads in the Eifel region (in Germany, near the Belgian border). And we also found a nice place for a cup of cappucino ;-)


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All Packed And Ready To Go

I have packed the bike, prepared the route, coordinated with my friends: we’re ready to go on our motorcycle weekend. I hope to find a few occasions to get some more good pictures of our bikes, for example like this one:

Krakatoa's 2013 BMW F800GT

Krakatoa’s 2013 BMW F800GT as pictured on http://advrider.com/
(Click on the image to go there)

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