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Cake is a Swedish company, and they’re preparing the launch of their first bike: the KALK. We’re talking about an electric motorcycle here, even if it does not look like one. In it’s current form, you can’t take it on the road. But at some 70 kg it must be great for off-road riding.

I guess it’s not entirely surprising that they want their “fun bike” to be as light as possible. Unfortunately for them, and regardless of whether it’s an electric bicycle or an electric motorcycle, I think this thing is quite ugly. Really ugly. Sorry!


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While we were on holiday in Slovenia, we saw several dozen (if not hundreds) of Harley-Davidson motorcycles on the road and on parkings. Clearly there was some kind of reunion going on during the first week of September. And right in between all those Harleys we found a BMW R1100S on the bank of lake Bled. To top it off, the bike did not look like the almost 50.000 km on the counter: it was spotless and perfectly maintained. I enjoy my F800GT a lot, but the R1100S has stolen my heart – and bikes like this are the reason for that. Congrats to its German owner.

Lakeside in Blad, Slovenia

PS. I couldn’t get a better image of this bike all by itself, since there were too many other bikes around it. A shame, because it was worth a more glorious picture!

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It’s not a real motorcycle, but it does not look like a bicycle either: it’s the prototype of an e-bike that is unlike any e-bike you have seen before. The curved lines and the attention to detail give it a special kind of beauty, and I wouldn’t mind trying one out. Have a look at the video on the company’s website to understand what I’m writing about ;-)

Check out the Avionics website by clicking on the image

In the words of the founders of Avionics: “This is our vision of the future combined with a memory of the past“:

More than 100 years ago, electric vehicles started the worldwide revolution and introduced civilization to a higher level of transportation. For some reason, people considered petroleum to be the better product to move their machines. They forgot about the potential of electricity to start their engines. Luckily times are changing. Nowadays electricity comes back to motorization in great style, enriched with high technology…

We’ll see how they fare on Indiegogo, starting somewhere in September.

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The title of the article on this German motorcycle website is not exactly correct, but it may well point to something that will soon be a reality: “Südtirol sperrt ersten Dolomitenpass. Experiment am Sellajoch“. No, this alpine pass, the Sella Pass, isn’t permanently forbidden for all traffic. But local authorities are experimenting with an interdiction for all cars and motorcycles powered by combustion engines: this summer, only cyclists and electric vehicles – and horses – can travel over the pass on Wednesdays. I can appreciate the words of Reinhold Messner, one of the supporters of this measure, as quoted in the article:

Damit die Berge wie vor 200 Jahren genossen werden können: Der Berg ist ein Ort der Langsamkeit und des Schweigen, nicht der Geschwindigkeit.

Translated to English: “That way, the mountains can be enjoyed like 200 years ago: the mountains are the realm of slowness and silence, not a place for speed“.

Photo by Klaus Nahr (CC BY-SA 2.0) on Flickr

Some cities have already set the first steps into a future with more electric vehicles, and now the mountains could well be next in line. I understand the rationale behind that strategy, even if it means that I can no longer wait too many years to try a few mountain passes myself (or invest in an electric motorcycle, of course).

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This blog has been a quiet place, the last two weeks. Well, I have been busy with organising a motorcycle day trip with friends, and that takes time – even when some of the scouting has already been done. To get in the mood, just have a look at some of the pictures I took on the route of this trip. I’m pleased to say that my friends were impressed with the fact that there are still so many small, rustic and green roads in the province of Antwerp.

Calm and relaxed, near the canal…

As an example, have a look at the bridge in the picture above. I was surprised to find out that there are still iron bridges with a wooden deck in our region. If you don’t believe me (nor Google Streetview – see below), just head over to a road called Mosselgoren in Geel…

(As seen in (c) 2017 Google Streetview)

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More Boxer Stuff

Because the weather today was better than expected (we even had quite a bit of sun)…

Because I continue to find the R1100S the best-looking boxer BMW ever designed…

Because I did find another nice picture on the late Kapaza website…

All that are good reasons to present another picture of a simple, almost standard BMW R1100S.

Based on this image, I’m even starting to like the yellow variant!

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Last weekend, I spotted two old BMW motorcycles on the road in the port of Antwerp (Belgium). I had my camera in my hands, so I managed a few badly-framed photos – you can see them on Flickr.

By chance, I also spotted an advertisement for a similar bike. I don’t pretend to be a specialist on the subject, but I haven’t seen many BMW R50/2’s in this color scheme (not even on Google Images), and I find this combination quite flattering!

A fine-looking oldie, as seen in one
of the last advertisements on Kapaza

When I said I found this “zoekertje” by chance, I meant that I just had a quick look at the Kapaza website, because the site announced just last week that it will be closing down in a few days. I have visited that site, with its thousands of advertisements for second-hand stuff in many categories, while on the prowl for say another bike or a special lens for my camera. Kapaza is (was) one of the few big Belgian websites that used ColdFusion for at least parts of its site, and that made me pay a bit more attention to it also. This is one more website that won’t last half a century and more, unlike the motorcycle shown here!

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