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The post on this blog have been “publicized” on Twitter and LinkedIn since many years. Since about three weeks or so, WordPress keeps saying that there is an issue with the connection to LinkedIn. What should be a simple matter of a few clicks and typing a password is turning into something unpleasant. The moment I ask LinkedIn to authorise WordPress, I usually get this message: “Failed to load your request token while connecting to LinkedIn“. LinkedIn seems to accept the request, but WordPress is unable to retrieve the required key and tells me to try again… and again… and again.

I have lived through that scenario on multiple days, so yesterday I hoped to outsmart both applications: I deleted the existing authorisation in LinkedIn, disconnected WordPress from LinkedIn, and then tried to connect WordPress to LinkedIn as if it were the first time I did so. Guess what?

Error message: “The LinkedIn connection could not be made because no account was selected.

A new error message appeared: “The LinkedIn connection could not be made because no account was selected.” I guess I’ll have to live a few days/weeks without postings on LinkedIn.

Note: I’m doing all my WordPress stuff in a browser on the Mac…

The big picture is a bit disappointing, of course. Here we have to giants on the Web, whose services are explicitly built to be connectable – and then that connection fails. It fails not once, but several times over a period of weeks. It seems as if no one at either company is checking the log files of those applications (it’s hard to imagine that I’m the only one encountering this issue). Perhaps these companies are too big to notice (or worse: care about) such failures?

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This is the wrong time of the year to encounter this problem! I have all my contacts in the Google Mail and Contacts application (GMail) , and when I try to access them in a browser this is what I get to see:

What? No contacts?

What? No contacts?

I have tried it in Safari and Google Chrome on Mac, and I tried it in Chromium on Lubuntu – all gave me this same white screen. Switching to the network console in Chrome tells me there is a 404 response somewhere in the application…

Am I just the only one that won’t be able to send out my wishes for the new year? And if so, what is provoking this behaviour of the application?


Update (4 hours later): you can use this link www.google.com/contacts/u/0/?cplus=1#contacts to access your contacts using the “old style application”…

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