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Yes, I took to the road with my motorcycle during the (four-day) weekend. What motorcyclist would not do that, given the splendid weather we had for Easter? Most cyclists did the same, by the way ;-)

(Click on the image to see the big version on Flickr)

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The weather is not yet perfect, but I have taken out my bike for a couple of little rides the last few days. It’s nice to be back on two wheels, in preparation of the summer and the extended bike trips I already have planned. Fun when riding a bike, that’s what this picture I found on Flickr also shows:

Picture titled 'BMWs on the Angeles Crest'

Picture titled ‘BMWs on the Angeles Crest’ by ‘thelostadventure’ (Click the image for the full version)

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No Time For Blogging

I don’t have much time for blogging these days: weekdays are for work, and weekends are reserved for family business (<grin />) and motorcycle touring…

(Click on the image to see more of my trip)

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My admiration of the R1100S motorcycle should be clear to any reader of this blog. Even today, I think back to mine from day to day. If it weren’t for my back and hip issues, I would probably still own and ride it.

I’ve shown a picture of a similarly modified BMW R1100S before: street-fighter handlebars and a windscreen extension turn it into a different proposition.

Paul Campagna’s BMW R1100S as he bought it (click on the photo to see more pictures of the bike)

And then wonder: why did I not convert mine to such a form, rather than trade it for the F800GT ? Well, there’s no use crying over spilt milk – but I would love to ride an R1100S with a street-fighter handlebars for a day or so!

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Last Sunday, I covered almost 200 km on a good half day. Sunny but not too warm: the ideal weather for a ride and some photographs!

More and bigger photos can be found in my Flickr stream – just click to go there

I hope the photos convey some of the pleasure I had during this trip.

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First Tour Day of 2017

Sunday March 26th, was one of the best days of the year: sunny and not too cold. Time for a ride on the BMW F800 GT – and a nice ride it was. Proof by pictures: see them all on Flickr.

(Click the picture to go to Flickr)

Note: I wasn’t the only two-wheeler to take a bike to the road!

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We were too intent on riding our bikes rather than photographing them, but I still managed a few good stills during our recent Eifel trip. Here’s the black and white version; click on the photo to see them all on my¬†Flickr album for this trip.

Rain in the morning, sun in the afternoon

Rain in the morning, sun in the afternoon

Not as good as I would like them to be, but that’s an incentive for more touring and more photographing!

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