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This time I am the one who’s a bit late with the announcement of the update… But the good news is that Belgian Samsung Galaxy S7 devices can now upgrade their machine to the October 1 security patch level with the latest G930FXXS3ERJ1 update.


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Samsung delivered another Android update for the Galaxy S7 yesterday, this time incorporating the security patches from September 1, 2018. Belgian S7’s are now able to run G930FXXS3ERI4.

I’m happy since it seems things are speeding up in the Samsung software division. Still, I’ld love to get a bit more info about the exact content of the updates.

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Samsung delivered a software update G930FXXU2ERH7 to the Galaxy S7 a week or so ago; I am just a bit late to install it. This time there is no change to the security patch level – we’re still on the August 1, 2018 lebel. So I do wonder what the update really contains.

For those of you who think there is such a thing as “artificial intelligence”, how about this tidbit? Android saved the screenshot nicely, and added that it “estimates” that the picture has something to do with the Spanish city of Burgos… Sure, buddy!

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I don’t think Samsung is reading this blog ;-) But they did manage to send out another “security patch” to bring my Galaxy S7 (running Android 8.0) up to the level of August 1, 2018. Two updates in a single month – I hope they don’t wait 6 months to bring us the next one!

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A year ago, I was hoping that Samsung would send out Android security updates on a regular basis. But that did not happen, at least not in my understanding of the word “regular“. But just as I was about to complain about the fact that my Galaxy 7 was still on the April 1, 2018 patch level, Samsung released a new system update:

Unfortunately, the update failed on my phone on the first try! It took a while for the machine to rediscover the update; luckily, the second attempt was successful. Oh well, that’s software for you.

No word on the possibility of an upgrade to Android 9, of course – but I’m not holding my breath until that happens! One comment on the Sammobile website says it all: Samsung sucks when it comes to Android upgrades, especially compared to Apple.

Samsung flagships won’t see this update until mid 2019 like they always do, and that is just an approximate, and this most likely is going to be the last major software update for the Note 8, yes, a device they are still selling for $800+ on their website, when the iPhone 5S that came out in 2013 is getting iOS 12…

Will my next smartphone be a Google Pixel or an iPhone? Who knows…

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Yes, after many months of waiting and a few weeks of even more tension, Samsung has finally made the update for the Galaxy S7 available in Belgium: Android 8 aka. Oreo is here. I installed it yesterday.

I’m still discovering little differences with the previous version, but the update went smoothly. For general use, the end result isn’t that different from Android 7 – from a user’s point of view, that is good news. The only disappointing item I have discovered so far, is the security patch level: in June, I expect more than a mention of April 1st.


So, on to Android 9 now ?

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News flash: a few hours ago, SAM Mobile reported: “Galaxy S7 Oreo update rolling out in various European countries“. Belgium is mentioned, but so far my Samsung Galaxy S7 is reporting that Android 7.0 is the latest version available… Things may change in the coming days, I hope!

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