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IDG Connect pointed me to the website of Planet Computers Ltd. Planet Computers uses the Indiegogo platform to fund the development of the Gemini PDA. Basically, the Gemini PDA is a Psion Series 3/5 lookalike – but with modern hardware and running Android and a GNU Linux variant.

Could be a Psion Series 5, indeed!

I must admit that I lusted after a Psion “personal digital assistant” in the late 1990’ies. But the Psion devices were quite expensive, especially when compared to some of the quite capable devices that Palm Computing managed to build. I still have three Palm devices in the house, although these days their functionality is limited to being alarm clocks ;-)

Much as I would like to see Planet Computers succeed in making the Gemini a success, I tend to agree with the IDG expert, Francisco Jeronimo, IDC Research Director for Mobile Devices in EMEA, who..

… is sceptical of the extent to which the Gemini will appeal to buyers, citing the relatively limited uptake of the recent BlackBerry smartphones that also combined the Android OS with a QWERTY keypad.

“There’s a very small market for this kind of device. Everyone has got used to typing on a touch screen, and most users that really need a physical keyboard or a larger screen have a mini tablet plus an external keyboard,” he adds.

On the other hand, the Indiegogo campaign seems to work well, and perhaps many of the millions of Psion buyers are prepared to spend quite a bit less money on a possibly very functional device, even if it’s just out of nostalgia. We’ll see what the pundits say about the Gemini, if and when Planet manages to build (and sell) them!

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Just three months ago, I bought a Galaxy S7 smartphone, then the absolute top-end phone in the Galaxy range. Since then, Samsung has announced the brand-new S8, and Google has already release a preview of Android O.

The Galaxy S8 looks great, and I could have regretted buying an S7 if the S8 was not so expensive!

Ars Technica has a nice, enthusiastic write-up of a first “Hands-on with Android O—A million new settings and an awesome snooze feature“. I’m sure Ron Amadeo and his colleagues will add more details about the upcoming release in the coming days and weeks, detailing performance enhancements, support for keyboard devices, and more.

But why should I care about Android O, when Samsung seems to be incapable of bringing the previous release to the best phone in its current line-up in the shops? First announcements of a possible upgrade dat back to mid-2016, and Nougat has already been seen on a number of markets. So come on, Samsung! Make it happen in Belgium. I really want to see Nougat on my S7 ! Android O can wait a little longer ;-)

Google made Nougat for me, indeed!

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Yes, Americans are lucky – at least, American users of unlocked Samsung smartphones running Android. Ars announced that “Samsung commits to monthly security updates for unlocked US smartphones“. That means that it is possible to run Android 7 on a Galaxy S 7 (of course it is!)… but I’m still waiting for the upgrade.

PS. I could add another screenshot to “illustrate” my story, but it wouldn’t show anything that you haven’t seen on March 2

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Here’s a screenshot from March 1st, 2017, 20:45 EST. Still no Nougat.

March 1st, 2017 - 20:48 EST

March 1st, 2017 – 20:48 EST

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Just a few days ago, GottaBeMobile published an update on the Android7 news for the Samsung S6 and S7 smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Android Nougat Update Info (2017). For the S7, things seem to be moving – at least in certain parts of the world.


But as SamMobile notes: “The support rep told him that Nougat will be released in that region at some point between April and June 2017. This may very well be the case for the international Galaxy S7 as well“. One of the comments concerns the Benelux, saying that Samsung Benelux started rolling out Nougat to the S7 at the beginning of February. Let me confirm you that until today the upgrade did not yet reach my S7 – and I checked almost every day!

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My Samsung Galaxy S7 just today received an Android 6.0.1 system upgrade to build number MMB29K.G930FXXU1BPLB. Nothing fancy, I suppose, since the announcement only talked about minor corrections and such. Too bad we still have to wait for Android 7 !

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OK, so you also purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7. Before even trying to think about transferring data from an older phone to your new toy, it would be wise to follow most of the steps outlined in “14 things every Samsung Galaxy S7 owner should do“.

Why only “most”, and not all of them? Well, I’m not sure about the utility of a Samsung account (item 1), unless you need to use one or more of the specific Samsung apps – and such an account can be a source of additional advertising. I don’t care about themes, so I skipped item 4 on the list. As for item 8, setting up Samsung Pay, that’s only relevant if Samsung Pay is available in the places you visit – I haven’t seen that here in Belgium yet.

The only problem with those tips is the fact that once you have used the fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone (and the security-minded apps that use that sensor as well) , you don’t want to use another system. So I’m going to need a new iPad, and a new computer, and…

(Photo: Samsung Rumours)

(Photo: Samsung Rumours)

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