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March 2022 was quite sunny here in Belgium, and the electricity production numbers from our solar panels prove that: they made 120% of the average March production of the installation. Nice. But. There are too many things going very very bad in Eastern Europe to make me really happy about all that sunshine.

I do appreciate the reaction of the German embassy in South-Africa, succintly but forcefully reacting to a message saying that “R*ssia is fighting Nazism in Ukraine”:

The phrase “Sadly, we’re kinda experts on Nazism” makes it clear to me that this was not just a quick copy-paste message from an embassy textbook.

Even at the beginning of March it was clear that civilians were being slaughtered, in a manner that I would call (institutional) terrorism, and which is clearly in defiance of all kinds of international laws! The situation discovered in the suburbs of Kiev proves that things have only gotten worse since then… and that promises little good for what’s happening in the south and the east of Ukraine.


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