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I’m too frustrated with the way things go in the world to post more or less serious (or frivolous) stuff here. You’ll have to do with the sunflowers in the header above, to symbolise my sympathy for yet another population smashed by unnecessary violence. I’m breaking my brain over how to get the world to rid itself of power-hungry egotistic maniacs (and no, killing them isn’t the way)…


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This could be seen last Friday on our TV screen: the movie “Snowden“, the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” and an episode of the Norwegian TV series “Occupied“. Just as if the current war in Ukraine isn’t enough to illustrate the propaganda, manipulation, corruption and other nastiness in the world today!

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We were lucky: the last few days of February were very sunny. February 27 was the first day since mid-November that the sky remained blue for the whole day. Time for the first ideal Sunday walk – we enjoyed it immensely. So did nature: the first new leaves are appearing, we saw a few very early blossoms, and some birds are starting to look into building nests. Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

All that fine sun of the last days of the month makes that our solar panels achieved 96% of the average for February. Things looked a lot darker until just a few days ago…

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