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Historians will have plenty of time and material to unravel what happened in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. If I read my RSS feed correctly, even large parts of the preparatory conversations on Parler have been salvaged for study. Although I’m interested in what happens all over the world, I’m too far away for relevant commentary on the subject, so I’ll limit myself to point out a few interesting snippets and posts I read.

First off is a very thoughtful and reasoned statement by Martin Fowler, an eminent ‘software developer’ aka. guru who usually stays away from political comments. Let me quote from ‘The Lies that can Undermine Democracy‘:

But as much as I despise a demagogue like Trump, I also acknowledge that he’s a symptom, not a root cause. I still remember an episode of This American Life from 2016 when reporter Zoe Chace is mocked by a Minnesota state representative because she questions his assertion that cities in the U.S., such as Dearborn Michigan, are under Sharia Law. [ … ]

This ulceration of lies is why, even if Trump decides to spend the rest of his life playing golf, the problems of the last few years won’t go away. When so many people have these beliefs, they elect people who pander to them…

Dave Winer proposes an irreverent comparison (I guess HongKong would be a better choice than the Kremlin, these days):

What happened certainly was no laughing matter… but this could make you smile anyway:

Seriously, though: it remains to be seen what the long-term consequences of all the lies and mistrust will be. Not just for the USA, but for the whole world! Will there be more human casualties in the next days and weeks? Let’s hope not! What will become of US politics? What will happen to the Republican ‘party’ (parties?) ? What will the new Administration be able to do to restore some form of unity? What will all this mean for the rest of the world? What will happen to the Biggest Loser? And who will be brought before justice?

Joey Skaggs has help for those fearing presecution: you can print your very own ‘Trump Presidential Pardon‘ – don’t hesitate to get it now, because the stock is running out!

Click on the image to learn how to make your own!

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