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Last year, my brother moved to a house in what we would (almost) call the countryside. The lockdown provided him with lots of time to clean up his garden, which includes a chicken coop and a greenhouse – we all hope to be invited for a celebratory BBQ, by the way ;-)

Guess what he found in the chicken coop: a mouldy camera bag with a camera and a few lenses. Photography being one of my interests, he dropped the bag at my door last weekend. I investigated the contents: the bag went straight into the rubbish bin.

The camera turns out to be a Mamiya/Sekor 500 TL, a single-lens reflex camera for M42 lenses. It came with an uninspiring Auto Mamiya/Sekor 1:2.8 50mm lens.

The Mamiya/Sekor 500 TL

I found a few references to this model on the Internet, and having handled one myself I can understand why one (recent) review calls this camera “big, chunky and disappointing“. It is indeed well-built and probably very strong camera, but it’s also quite heavy.

The Sekor 500 TL was introduced to the market in 1966, but I guess the one I have here is younger than that. Contrary to the 1966 model, it does have a self-timer. As a nice addition, it also includes a detachable (cold) flash shoe accessory from Asahi-Pentax; I guess those two brands had similar prisms on their cameras, or it would not have fitted so well.

The Asahi Pentax flash shoe

I already have a few camera’s in my collection, and this could be a new addition… but this particular item is damaged: it has a serious dent. I’m not even sure the back closes correctly, which is essential for any camera.

The dent is quite serious, given the heavy construction of this camera

Even if there is no internal damage such a dent makes the camera probably worthless. My shelve space is rather limited, and that makes me wonder: should I really keep this one, dent and all?

PS. These are my first “product stills”, and I know that I have a lot of work to do on the white balance of those pictures!

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