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Resistance Is Not Futile

The name ‘Calmeyer’ sounds strangely familiar to my ears, but I can’t remember why. Have I heard about Hans Calmeyer before? Possibly, but that’s no reason not to be interested in the publication of a book about this man: “Seattleite, 92, finally tells story of German who saved more Jews during the Holocaust than Schindler“.

I have not (yet) read the book “Shedding Our Stars: The Story of Hans Calmeyer and How He Saved Thousands of Families Like Mine“, which is the subject of the article, or a biography of Calmeyer. But I don’t need to read such books to know that Calmeyer, like Schindler and many others, were living proof of the fact that the evils of racism and dictatorship (and so much worse) were visible to contemporaries of the rise and fall of the Third Reich. Better yet: people not just knew, but also resisted and fought that evil in one way or another. That does not make them heroes – or perhaps it does: will you have the courage to do the same if the time comes?

(Thanks for the pointer, BoingBoing)

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