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Ars Technica published a nice overview of the current state of solar power technology: “The future of solar power technology is bright“. As owner and user of a solar panel installation I am happy to see that research on this topic has not halted. The current weather here in Belgium makes it clear, to me at least, that we will also need panels – or something else – to generate electricity when the skies are cloudy.

I wonder: having technology is one thing; making sure it is applied in the best way is something else. If we want more solar energy here in Western Europe, we will need to find a way to turn our rooftops and perhaps even south-facing walls and windows into solar panels. If we want developing countries to avoid a dependency on coal and petrol, then we’ll have to help them install appropriate systems for generating electricity rather than exporting our old cars and trucks to them.

Talking about cars: our family currently owns/uses two cars, both more than 10 years old but still in good working order. We are contemplating replacing one of them by a small hybrid or even full electric car. But that market is still immature, and many of the cars offered are still quite expensive. Replacing my diesel-powered car by an electric will make me feel good, but what will happen to the old car? If it’s moved to another part of the world and continues polluting the environment, does that really improve the world?

Is this part of the long-term future?

How hard would it be (or is it) to replace the petrol engines in current cars with something more environment-friendly, like an electric engine? Can petrol engines be converted into hydrogen engines? Could I add a solar panel on top of my car to help the battery? Or… well, you get my drift. I assume that the “economics” of such transformations have already been calculated by car manufacturers. Of course, they will not like such an operation, because it would result in less sales of new cars. The cost of doing nothing (and just continuing what has been done for a long time now) is becoming more apparent every day – even China is now committed to do something about air pollution.


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