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OK, so you also purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7. Before even trying to think about transferring data from an older phone to your new toy, it would be wise to follow most of the steps outlined in “14 things every Samsung Galaxy S7 owner should do“.

Why only “most”, and not all of them? Well, I’m not sure about the utility of a Samsung account (item 1), unless you need to use one or more of the specific Samsung apps – and such an account can be a source of additional advertising. I don’t care about themes, so I skipped itemĀ 4 on the list. As for item 8, setting up Samsung Pay, that’s only relevant if Samsung Pay is available in the places you visit – I haven’t seen that here in Belgium yet.

The only problem with those tips is the fact that once you have used the fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone (and the security-minded apps that use that sensor as well) , you don’t want to use another system. So I’m going to need a new iPad, and a new computer, and…

(Photo: Samsung Rumours)

(Photo: Samsung Rumours)


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