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Teaching Law Outside The Classroom

I suppose it was BoingBoing that pointed me to this letter, but I am not 100% certain. Anyway, there is so much to be learned from it that it is worth reading not once, but multiple times.

Law Professor’s Response to Black Lives Matter Shirt Complaint
A first year law school student wrote a complaint about her professor having worn a Black Lives Matter T-shirt during class. The professor’s response is priceless.

Source: http://backspace.com/notes/2016/07/law-professors-response-to-black-lives-matter-shirt-complaint.php

Priceless, indeed. And also a fine example of what is missing in many, if not most, discussions about the problems of modern society, be they the discrimination of American citizens of African descent or the dress code on French beaches: reason and logic. Let me quote the professor to give you a few examples.

Law has no meaning or relevance outside of society. It both shapes and is shaped by the society in which it functions. Law is made by humans. It protects, controls, burdens, and liberates humans, non-human animals, nature, and inanimate physical objects. Like the humans who make it, Law is biased, noble, aspirational, short-sighted, flawed, messy, unclear, brilliant, and constantly changing.

Note to myself: this is a much better way to express my own thoughts on the subject, a few days ago…

[…] As a general matter, seeing the world and the people in it in mutually exclusive, either/or terms impedes your own thought processes. If you wish to bear that intellectual consequence of a constricting ideology, that’s your decision. But this does not entitle you to project your either/or ideology onto people who do not share it.

[…] It is a tragic fact that rage as a consequence of racial injustice sometimes gets enacted as violence […]. We can all lament the fact that violence begets violence. But we can’t even do that if we ignore the violence that has done, and is doing, the begetting.

Click the image to see the scan of the original letters

Click the image to see the scan of the original letters


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