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There is a form of virtual reality in every fiction book and story. Some book and stories require a map, so that readers can better understand the geographical positioning of whatever it is that happens in the story. Tolkien prepared his own maps to illustrate parts of the world inhabited by Hobbits, Orks and Wizards. George RR. Martin did the same for his “A Game of Thrones” (AGOT) books.


A UK dude called ‘theMountainGoat‘ is a big fan of AGOT, and among other things he has created an interactive map of the known parts of Westeros and Essos. You’ll find the “Speculative World Map” at this address: http://quartermaester.info/ . The map includes annotations about how the map was constructed and why it sometimes conflicts with the original maps in the books. You’ll find supplementary information about the this map – and about ‘theMountainGoat‘ – on his personal website called “serMountainGoat’s website“.

That’s all well and dandy, but what if you want to write a fantasy story and you need a fictional map, fast? Additionally, let’s assume that you can’t draw maps. No worries, the Internet has you covered: BoingBoing can point you to the required software and instructions on how to create your own maps. A lack of geographic inspiration should not stop you from writing the next Lord of The Thrones trilogy!

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