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I like the NYMAG.COM article titled “I, Snowbot”. In it, the author describes the current life of Edward Snowden. The (long) text manages to include themes like telepresence, encryption and ethics, and is very much worth reading – even if you do not agree with Snowden and everything he did.

I agree with this quote, by the way:

Surveillance is ultimately not about safety. Surveillance is about power. Surveillance is about control.
Edward Snowden

Is the Snowbot part of the team, or isn't he?

Is the Snowbot part of the team, or isn’t he?

His telepresence in the USA, where he is a wanted criminal, is special, of course: as a ‘robot’, he can go where he wants… Strange for a man who never leaves Moskow, and strange too, I guess, for US law enforcement. But hey, that’s the force of the Internet – digital disruption, anyone?


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