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All Packed And Ready To Go

I have packed the bike, prepared the route, coordinated with my friends: we’re ready to go on our motorcycle weekend. I hope to find a few occasions to get some more good pictures of our bikes, for example like this one:

Krakatoa's 2013 BMW F800GT

Krakatoa’s 2013 BMW F800GT as pictured on http://advrider.com/
(Click on the image to go there)


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Nothing extraordinary, but exactly the way I feel about photography:

A photographer is nothing but a “noticer” — a person who notices beauty in the world.

And just like Eric Kim, I try to ‘Always Be Prepared“. I almost always have a camera (not just a smartphone!) with me wherever I go. That’s how I managed to take this picture just at the end of a SharePoint training yesterday, just before the bird took off with a fish in its beak.

(Click on the image for a large version on Flickr)

(Click on the image for a large version on Flickr)

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This is a good summary of the situation of Evernote (the company) these days: “Evernote Falls Prey to the Freemium Model Catch-22“. There’s the freemium pricing model on one hand, And at the same time I wonder: do we really need a never ending extension of functionality within the product? Isn’t the core – syncing simple notes between devices – enough to build a profitable business on?

Ultimately, this looks to be the beginning of the downward slide for Evernote. It is setting itself up for the death spiral.

Please do note: I’m a paying customer of Evernote, I like the software very much and have been teaching courses about it since a few years. But I will be looking into how to migrate to another tool, in order not too be caught between a rock and a hard place if anything ever happens to the company (or the product). Luckily, Evernote has a good export facility…

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I have started a fixed place to gather a few essential bookmarks about Australian Aboriginal art, because our trip there in 2015 made quite an impression on us. Nothing fancy, just bookmarks that I know are worth a visit if you care about the subject.

"Emu Dreaming" by Narelle Nakamarra Nelson

“Emu Dreaming” by Narelle Nakamarra Nelson

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Last weekend we went for a walk with our friends. While all the others were choosing their ice cream, I took a few pictures of the flowers in a garden next to the ice cream shop. Nothing fancy, just a few quick shots with the small Fuji X20 I almost always carry with me. One of the shots turned out rather well, after a bit of reframing.

(Click for a larger version on Flickr)

(Click for a larger version on Flickr)

I first stored a version that showed a bit more of the original image, and now I can’t decide which one of those two cuts is the best… Choosing is hard! So I will leave both of them on Flickr. Just put your comments over there as well, please.

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Ray Camden wrote about the CF log file enhancements in CF9 a few years ago: “CF901: Logging enhancements“; among other things, he explained the possibility of disabling and enabling logging into particular log files. This is supposed to work in exactly the same manner in CF11. Since then this theme wasn’t discussed much. That’s too bad, because I have a strange problem in CF11, and there are no clues to find on the internet.

Here’s my situation:  I accidentally disabled a custom log file for a Scheduled task, and now I can’t find a way to re-enable this log. I tried hijacking the “disable” link by replacing it with “enable”, but that did not work – not even after a restart of ColdFusion.

I needed some time to figure out that I could go on with my work again by renaming the .cfm file as well as the log file, but that does not really count as a solution. So all advice to get this specific log back to work will be appreciated!

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I like the NYMAG.COM article titled “I, Snowbot”. In it, the author describes the current life of Edward Snowden. The (long) text manages to include themes like telepresence, encryption and ethics, and is very much worth reading – even if you do not agree with Snowden and everything he did.

I agree with this quote, by the way:

Surveillance is ultimately not about safety. Surveillance is about power. Surveillance is about control.
Edward Snowden

Is the Snowbot part of the team, or isn't he?

Is the Snowbot part of the team, or isn’t he?

His telepresence in the USA, where he is a wanted criminal, is special, of course: as a ‘robot’, he can go where he wants… Strange for a man who never leaves Moskow, and strange too, I guess, for US law enforcement. But hey, that’s the force of the Internet – digital disruption, anyone?

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