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The BMW F800GT is, in my view, a well-looking bike. Not as sharp as the R1100S, but more than “nice”. Of course, the engine is completely different: it’s not a boxer, even if it tries to sound like one (at least, that’s what many reviewers try to tell me).

One of the advantages of the boxer engine is the protection offered by the cilinders pointing sideways. “Dropping” the bike when you’re (almost) not moving means that the cilinders will take the fall and thus avoid damage to the fairing, the mirrors, etc. Put cilinder protectors on your boxer and at least that kind of fall will not cost you an arm and a leg.

What are the possibilities for similar protection on the F800GT ?

  • Wunderlich and Touratech have crash bars for the F800GT in their catalog. I haven’t seen them mounted on a machine in real life, and I’m not entirely convinced of their capabilities: their position doesn’t seem right (at least on photos). They’re not exactly beauties either.
  • Adding panniers would help too, of course, just as on the boxers. But I don’t need them at this moment, and buying them as crash protection and not as a means for transporting luggage is a bit too weird for my taste.
  • Several well-known players offer frame sliders for this particular bike: Wunderlich, R&G, SW Motech, and Puig are some of them.
The Wunderlich frame slider on my bike

The Wunderlich frame slider on my bike

I have pondered the question since I bought the F800GT; last week I asked my dealer to add the Wunderlich frame sliders on my machine. The dealer tells me they really do help in protecting the side panels of the bike, and I don’t want a repeat of what happened a three weeks ago. Fellow F800GT rider Daboo writes: “I stalled the bike just as I was starting a sharp right turn from my driveway to the main street” – and that is almost exactly what happened to me as well.

I should have decided earlier: those fairing panels aren’t cheap!


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