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A few days ago, I had a very positive experience with the Venmo customer service. Someone had mistakenly entered my my email address as theirs, so I received mails concerning accounts and payments that weren’t exactly meant for me. But a quick reply to their customer service was answered within a day – and the erroneous address was also deleted from the account less than 24 hours later. Well done, Venmo – and what a difference with a local telecom provider here in Belgium that refuses all my attempts to get my email address deleted from someone else’s account (yes, I’m looking at you, Mobistar)!

Then I read “I wrote ‘ISIS Beer Funds!!!’ in a Venmo memo and the feds detained my $42” – you should read that too. And ask yourself: do you really want a payment service to interfere with your money transfers? Especially if they do so because you used the name of an Egyptian goddess in the message to your friend? What has that got to do with “security”?

Oh, and by the way: thinking that so-called “Islamic” terrorists have a special place in their heart for beer is… shall we say: misplaced?


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