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Yesterday was a fine day, so we went for a long walk in the sun. That same sun offered us a spectacular evening sky, just as the sun disappeared behind the horizon. Just look at this cloud – or is it a combination of two clouds?

Strange cloud, or should i say: a view of two clouds in superposition?

Strange cloud, or should I say: a view
of two clouds in superposition?



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Yesterday was September 9th, and that is a special date for all those born on that day, as well as for Chile and the USA.

Chileans are still struggling with what happened in 1973 (and with the role of the USA in the coup against the elected president Salvador Allende):

President Michelle Bachelet said on Friday that the truth must still be told and justice still needs to be served for the thousands of victims of the country’s dictatorship…

(Source: Yahoo News)

The USA tend to forget about 1973, with the events of 2001 taking almost mythical proportions. To be clear: in my eyes, both events were  horrific tragedies, not just for the people that died on 9/11 of either year and in the aftermath, but also for the world at large.

Using 9/11 as an example, Dave Winer points out that it’s “A good day to think about web history“. On September 9th, 2001, Dave used his blog to link to all kinds of “content” on the web to document what was happening after the attacks on the WTC. Revisiting that page, he concludes:

Every day we lose more of the history of the web. Every day is an opportunity to act to make sure we don’t lose more of it.

I wonder: just imagine that the internet would already have existed in 1973. What would the social media have said about the coup in Chile? Or: just imagine that the internet would not have existed in 2001…?

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xkcd: Public Key (Click to go to the orginal)

xkcd: Public Key (Click to go to the orginal)

If you want to brush up your understanding of cryptography (which may be required to understand the ‘xkcd’ joke), try this short video as an introduction:

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This Hack Is Beautiful

It’s not a hack, it’s a complete font – it just happens to be called Hack. And it’s a beautiful font, as monospaced fonts go. I’m very fond of the zeroes, by the way.

I'm fond of Hack, the font

I’m fond of Hack, the font

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The month of August has passed, and that means – if I’m to believe our¬†national television – the end of the meteorological summer. That summer comprises the months of June, July and August. The belgian summer of 2015 was warmer and wetter than average, and also had more hours of sunshine than average, if I recall correctly what our weather lady said on TV.

Just for fun, I calculated the solar energy production for our own installation for all the meteo-summers we have had them. Here are the numbers:


For the years 2010 up to and including 2014, that gives an average production of 860.648 Wh. Conclusion: this summer is slightly above the average of the five previous summers. And it raises the six-year average to 863.657 Wh.

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