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Google is big, in numbers. Google is big business, in numbers. Google embodies “search”, and we no longer know Altavista and the like from a good decade ago. So I pretty sure that, given the task, you could find “26 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Google“, a nice infographic with a few tidbits about Google.


But there are alternatives to Google, especially if you prefer a more private and less personalised search experience. OptiLocal presents an infographic comparing Google to DuckDuckGo.

I am a longtime user of Google, because of the quality of its search results. But I must admit that I’m no longer appreciating the barrage of “targeted” ads after any occasional search on websites that have nothing to do with Google, or so it seems. So I will be using DuckDuckGo the next weeks, and see what that gives in terms of results and in terms of how it feels…


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