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From “Forgotten treasures: 31 undeveloped, 70-year-old rolls of film shot by WWII Soldier” (on DIY Photography):

History, while being something we often repeat, is a precious treasure that, with time, often passes from recollection. With a passion to ensure that doesn’t happen, the Rescued Film Project makes it their mission preserve forgotten treasures and share them with the world. They take old, rescued film from the 1930s to the 1990s, develop it, and digitally preserve it before it degrades beyond any usability.

A sample picture from the Rescued Film Project

A sample picture from the Rescued Film Project

As a photographer, I evaluate the resulting photographs as mostly “failed snapshots”. As an historian, I see the documentary value of even the silliest photo – we’ll need an large “ScannedFilm” project to rescue at least a part of the millions of photo prints that are being kept in cupboards and closets without viewers… The occasional great picture gives a worthwhile project an extra reason to continue, I hope – yes, there are a few treasures in the current collection.


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