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Yesterday evening we visited the Antwerp Zoo. Normally, we do that a few times a year but never on crowded holidays. These days, however, the Zoo is not just a garden with hundreds of animals, but it’s also the stage for the China Light Festival. Chinese technicians have placed hundreds of figures large and small all over the garden, and the figures are lighted from within. Visits start after dark, of course.

I’m not a great fan of such displays, which have a tendency to resemble cheap toys. However, I had my Nikon Coolpix AW110 camera with me… just in case. The pictures I took with it turned out great, and they hardly¬†needed editing. I like the photos a lot, more than the objects themselves.

Lights in the pond - Antwerp Zoo China Lights festival - (c) 2014 W.Van daele

Lights in the pond – China Lights Festival – (c) 2014 W.Van daele

The word ‘photography‘ means ‘writing with light‘. That is literally what my camera and I were doing yesterday, even more so than in other conditions. Enjoy the pictures; they’re in a¬†Flickr album.


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