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In 1985 or 1986, I advised my erstwhile employer to buy a Macintosh SE-30 and a laser printer, to allow us to prepare the travel brochure we were putting together in-house. I bought my first Mac, a Macintosh IIsi in 1990 or the beginning of 1991. In total, I owned at least 15 Macs, and I still have 6 in working order in my office. In all those years, I haven’t had much trouble with Apple material – a malfunction in the display of the first iBook model and trouble with a (second-hand) Power Mac G4 sums it up.

2014 however has not been so kind to the Apple hardware in my possession, however. First, my Power Mac G5 (dual PowerPC processor) from started freezing its operation – while still displaying the screen contents – in the spring: since replacing hard disks and memory did not solve the problem, it is likely the motherboard that is somehow broken. The lack of recent Mac OS X versions for the PowerPC processor is a strong counter-indication for repairs! And let’s face it: a computer that has served me well, on a daily basis, during almost a decade is allowed to cause a bit of trouble…


The iPad Mini, however, was only a couple of days in my hands when the home button refused to work. Except when I did a complete reset of the machine and presented it to the store where I bought it, of course! That’s why it took me a couple of weeks to work out a way to demonstrate my problem in the shop, without having to divulge all my personal details.

In the end, this story ended happily: after a bit of haggling with the Apple desk in the store, a telephone consultation with someone at Apple and a bit of waiting at the repair desk, I finally got hold of a replacement Mini – and it works well. Now I can make the screenshots I need for my workshops… and my blogs, of course.

The first screenshot on the new iPad 2 Mini

The first screenshot on the new iPad 2 Mini ;-)

In the end, I am a bit disappointed by Apple. I guess a certain measure of failure is unavoidable when production numbers run in the millions.


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