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I remain strongly interested in science in general, and physics in particular (don’y ask me why). I enjoy reading books by luminaries like Richard Feynman (“Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman!“), Stephen Hawking (“A Brief History Of Time“), and others. Writers like Carl Sagan, Gary Zukav, John Gribbin and Brian Greene helped me build up a basic understanding of modern physics and quantum dynamics. But I still find it hard to explain even some of the most basic principles of these domains in my own words, and that’s a good test to see if you really understand a subject.

FQTQ: Understanding Space, Time, and Spacetime

FQTQ: Understanding Space, Time, and Spacetime

Here’s an example of how to explain “spacetime” in a way that clearly surpasses my capabilities, by Andrew Pontzen and Tom Whyntie on the TedEd channel on YouTube:

Thank you, FQTQ, for pointing me to a simple illustration of Lorentz Transformations and Time Dilation. And thank you, Internet, for making it easy to access great educational resources.


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