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From “WhatsApp Partners With Open WhisperSystems To End-To-End Encrypt Billions Of Messages A Day” (TechCrunch):

Good news for people who love privacy and security, bad news for black-hat hackers and government surveillance agencies. WhatsApp, the wildly popular messaging app, has partnered with the crypto gurus at Open WhisperSystems to implement strong end-to-end encryption on all WhatsApp text messages–meaning not even Zuck himself can pry into your conversations, even if a court order demands it…

I am using TextSecure on my phone to manage my text messages; TextSecure is the standalone messaging app developed by Open WhisperSystems. Unfortunately, while the app is quite capable of encrypting those message, I’m not really using it for privacy reasons. I mean: I would love to, but you have to convince your correspondents to use the app as well, and that means they have to agree to install and use the app.


Using the app is only possible on Android phones, not (yet) on Android tablets – and as far as I can tell there’s still no way to encrypt messages destined for an iPhone or iPad user – promises for an iPhone version have not  materialised until now. Too bad, because that certainly limits the audience for what is in essence an excellent idea. If, however, the WhatsApp messages are compatible with TextSecure, then that would certainly be a step in the right direction!

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