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You have never heard of William Gibson? You know his name, but you have never read one of his books? Well, I’m certain that you have been influenced by him, or better: by his writing. You see, “cyberspace” is all around us, these days – and the word “cyberspace” was ‘invented’ by William Gibson. I own and have read (almost) all of his novels, starting with “Neuromancer”, “Count Zero” and “Mona Lisa Overdrive” all the way to “Spook Country” and “Zero History”… so I’m biased, OK.

That's the cover of my copy of William Gibsons "Neuromancer"

That’s the cover of my copy
of William Gibsons “Neuromancer”

Gibson has been tagged as the man who predicted many of the internet-related phenomena we all take for granted these days. So why not hop over to the Salon.com website and read an interview titled “William Gibson: I never imagined Facebook with the man? And after that, there are his books, if you don’t know them already. I’m putting his latest novel, “The Peripheral” on my Christmas shopping list!

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