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Last time, the theme of the exhibition at the Belfius headquarters was “Expressionism“; this time┬áthe event is titled “De Verloofden” (“The Engaged“, to be married). Like last time, I was invited for a guided tour, along with two dozen other art lovers. There’s enough art to be loved in the Belfius collection by itself, but this time┬áthe event was organised in collaboration with S.M.A.K, the Museum for Contemporary Art in Ghent.

"De Verloofden" @ Belfius Bank

“De Verloofden” @ Belfius Bank


I remain impressed by the quality of the works in the Belfius collection – names like Constant Permeke and Rik Wouters should be household names in every Belgian home. But some of the works from the S.M.A.K collection are very good, as well. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

More details and the possibility to register for a tour on the Belfius.com website (in dutch or french).

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