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To better prepare the workshops on tablets I finally bought an iPad. An iPad 2 mini (with a Retina display) to be precise. This way, I’m no longer dependent on the availability of someone else’s iPad to get the screenshots I need, or to test certain features of apps they may not have installed at all.

I also want to try out the LTE network on my daily train commute, and that meant I had to transform a fully fledged SIM card into a nano-SIM for the iPad mini. I could have gone for the official way and ask my provider to sent me one, but I took the faster and slightly more risky way of cutting it myself. I had to print a few different templates (PDFs) before finding one that accommodated my requirement for exact dimensions, and finally settled on this one from techotv.com:

Extract from the PDF on techotv.com

Extract from the PDF on techotv.com
(Click the image to see the whole PDF)

The hardest past is keeping the SIM card in its place while cutting – I used an Exacto knife, not scissors, to cut the plastic. If you don’t try to force things, but just go over the cut multiple times, making sure you’re on the right line, then it all works out. Getting it into the nano SIM tray was easy, sliding it into the iPad took a few tries, but in the end I only had to configure the APN and restart the iPad to get 3G connectivity without a hitch. Now I can go looking for the 4G network while on the move!

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