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Last night, I attended the CFUG Belgium meeting, entitled the “CF11 Launch Party” (CFUG Belgium is the belgian ColdFusion User Group). We had two speakers. Rakshith Naresh is the ColdFusion product manager at Adobe; he spoke to us from India about the new features of ColdFusion 11. Technically, the situation wasn’t perfect, but all in all it was good to see that Adobe, or at least Rakshith, cares about CF developers in a small country like Belgium, and his overview was worth listening to.

The second speaker of the meeting was Alwyn Wymeersch, who explained the basics of AngularJS. I liked his approach of the presentation, with lots of demoes, and his courage, trying to do it all with live coding. Good job!

Click the logo to go to the CFUG website.

Click the logo
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Be warned, though:
this site isn’t up to date!

I look forward to testing our current apps on the latest version of CF, even though I won’t be using many of the recent novelties. I would love to try and develop a mobile app with CF11, but our mobile app users are colleagues on the move, using iPads and Galaxy Tabs to access company resources. Their mobile devices are under control of a ‘Mobile Device Management‘ platform like MobileIron, AirWatch or XenMobile (sorry, I forgot that Gartner now calls this ‘Enterprise Mobility Management‘).

So I hope that Adobe will pay attention to the developers of large enterprises, whose mobile apps must also be able to run in an MDM container, with all that entails in terms of limitations on how to access certain functionalities of the devices. PhoneGap is supposed to be compatible with MobileIron AppConnect, but has it been tested when an app is built with CF Builder? And what about the other MDM’s? Are there gotchas in this scenario? How about that on-device debugging? Etc. There’s still work to be done, that’s for sure! What will CF12 bring, eh?

PS. To all those who registered for the meeting but weren’t there I say: it pays to attend! There were nice prizes to win in the closing raffle, and a third of the attendees went home with a nice software package (well, at least I hope I get my package delivered soon ;-)


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