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Trello is now a company with a product, not just a product. Read the announcement on the Trello blog for more details.


But there’s something else about this story that I wanted to mention more prominently: the importance of people as the core of a (software) business. In the words of Joel Spolsky:

That architecture is all the stuff I spent ten years ranting on this blog about, but y’all don’t listen, so I’m just going to have to build company after company that runs my own wacky operating system, and eventually you’ll catch on. It’s OK to put people first. You don’t have to be a psychopath or work people to death or create heaps of messy code or work in noisy open offices.

Thus he builds company that attracks big investors like sh*t attracks flies. So there’s your proof: treating your workers well isn’t bad for business! Can you hear me, CEO ?



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