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Fact number one: “Ukrainians turn to crowdfunding for border surveillance drone“.

If you think I mention this news item because it is about drones (we’re not talking quadcopters here, but octocopters), then you are wrong – it’s about… politics. Technology is not about toys, even if many websites (perhaps even this blog) may give you that impression. But technology – and its use in society – has always, will always play a role in politics, whatever form politics take. Think “arms race” or “space race“, or just plain “war“…

The proposed border patrol octocopter...

The proposed border patrol octocopter…

In Ukraine we’re seeing “crowdfunding¬†meets national defense“; on the website the project refers to “the first national UAV”.

Here’s fact number two to illustrate how a seemingly innocent part of what we Internauts take for granted can be pernicious: “The dark side of .io: How the U.K. is making web domain profits from a shady Cold War land deal“. Just for the record: the ‘.io‘ top-level domain (TLD) does not refer to the words “input/output”, ¬†but to the British Indian Ocean Territory… If anything, this story shows how technology is intermingled with global politics – but you already knew that, no?


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