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Just A Quickie About The Sun

Just a quick update, indeed, on our solar energy production: February 2014 was neither bad nor exceptional, in terms of production.



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ReadWriteWeb says:

If you’re a WhatsApp user who wants to break up with Facebook, or someone looking for a great new messaging application, we’ve put together a list of mobile messaging apps you should try…

Photo by Ian Broyles (Flickr)

Photo by Ian Broyles (Flickr)

They mention the following apps/systems: Telegram, Wickr, Line, Kik and Tango. “All these applications provide messaging services that rival WhatsApp, without the commitment to Facebook services, meaning you’re not turning over your mobile phone book and payment information to the social network in exchange for an efficient messaging service…” – and on top of that, the first two offer serious encryption of your messages. Wickr especially prides itself on its capacity to allow its users to “communicate safely, securely, anonymously — and easily“.

I’m sure there are more options to be found – try ’em out and tell the world what you think about them!

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Love Today’s Google Doodle!

Guust Flater aka.Gaston Lagaffe!

Guust Flater aka. Gaston Lagaffe!

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