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When, like me, you sometimes have to install a series of apps on your Macintosh, then you know how tedious it can be to select them all in the app Store (or download them one by one and run the installer). The good news: for an admittedly small selection of apps there is an alternative way: “Get Mac Apps – Install Multiple Apps With Ease“.


“Get Mac Apps” will generate a ‘bash‘ script that will download and install the apps you selected on the site. It isn’t mentioned on the site, but you have to know this: you have to be an administrator on the Mac to be able to execute the script without errors. So make sure you log in as administrator, or adapt the script and add a ‘sudo‘ command on all the non-comment lines (I say all just to be on the safe side).

The list of available apps is limited to about 50 free and/or open source apps, and it has been a while since new apps were added. Let’s hope the author isn’t giving up on the site.

There is another way to look at this site, by the way. Do you have more than one Mac to maintain, e.g. in a small network? Then reuse the mechanisms implemented on “Get Mac Apps”: build your own repository of apps (DMG files, ZIP files, …) somewhere on a local web server, and use the scripts as the basis for your own reinstallation script.


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