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Samsung USA is promising Android updates to KitKat for “select carrier variants” of current as well as somewhat older US smartphone and tablet models, including the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S III. Nice work, at least if and when it will be done – Ars Technica rightly notes that it is good to see ‘prolonged’ manufacturer support for models that are no longer to be found in the showroom.


However, this announcement only covers the US of A, and says nothing about the rest of the world. My Galaxy S III has only recently been upgraded (by Samsung) to Android 4.3. My Galaxy Tab2 is still running Android 4.0.3, while several countries have already seen updates to version 4.2, and no promises for more… It’s no wonder that more and more mobile users are hoping for independent software developers (like the CyanogenMod team) to help them out – not all of us throw away our smartphone after 6 months!


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