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In 2010 The Economist wrote: “After land, sea, air and space, warfare has entered the fifth domain: cyberspace“. The stories about cyber-espionage and tampering with systems from a distance seemed a little far-fetched then.


But the weapons of the Internet arsenal are not science-fiction! Wired has a neat overview of how you can wage war on the web: “Our Government Has Weaponized the Internet. Here’s How They Did It“. The conclusion of the author is sobering:

The only self defense from all of the above is universal encryption. Universal encryption is difficult and expensive, but unfortunately necessary.

Encryption doesn’t just keep our traffic safe from eavesdroppers, it protects us from attack. DNSSEC validation protects DNS from tampering, while SSL armors both email and web traffic.

There are many engineering and logistic difficulties involved in encrypting all traffic on the internet, but its one we must overcome if we are to defend ourselves from the entities that have weaponized the backbone.

The Guardian recently added: “Revelations show transatlantic intelligence pact started in second world war is expanding beyond states’ ability to control it

For the truly paranoid, here’s the advice from Osama Bin Laden and Bruce Schneier: use an air gap computer. And be aware that even that solution is not 100% secure.


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