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Some of Eric Klarenbeek‘s designs are one-offs, but this chair is something else: theĀ MyceliumChair.

The Mycelium Chair, designd and produced by Eric Klarenbeek

The Mycelium Chair, designed and produced by Eric Klarenbeek

Yes, it looks like a prop for the next Hobbit movie, but what have to remember is the production process used to create this chair. Wired writes:

The Mycelium Chair is a fanciful proof of concept, but also represents a breakthrough in materials. With proper controls, the fungus-plus-straw combo could be molded into unique shapes and potentially replace the styrofoam blocks that surround televisions and other electronics during shipping.

I’m sure we’ll come up with more applications, once the process is better understood and has been tested further. Just think about it: 3D printing combined with a way to make sturdy constructions…


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