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In July, Apple Inc. was the subject of an article on the Daily Beast website: “The Apple ‘Kill List’: What Your iPhone Doesn’t Want You to Type“. Not a week ago, Wired examined the latest version of another mobile OS: “From ‘Preggers’ to ‘Pizzle’: Android’s Bizarre List of Banned Words“.

Why do companies continue to insist on censoring your words? Don’t they know that their choice of “allowed” – sorry, “known” – words is clearly political and ideological, not linguistic (“no one uses this word“) or technological (“there is not enough room for all the words“)? Note that the companies I mention here are actually living off the (free) communication between the buyers of their products – that’s irony for you!

Frank Zappa on Censorship (from http://sobadsogood.com/)

Frank Zappa on Censorship (from http://sobadsogood.com/).
Just read ‘suppressed’ where it says ‘surprssed’…

Free speech is essential for true democracy, and who better than Frank Zappa to make that point?


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