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It’s worth noting that JavaScript is making quite a few headlines these days, at least in the software developer community. No, it’s no exactly a new language, and I have been using it in many apps on a small scale since many years. jQuery has become an important tool in my daily work (and that of my close colleagues). But these days we’re not just talking about developments added to a webpage; the latest JavaScript talk is about much bigger things.

First (well, to me at least ;-) there was Node.js. In its own words, ”Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications” – on servers, for example. The recently announced blogging platform Ghost is written in JavaScript and based on Ghost. I just read that Groupon is also migrating (parts of) its main web app to Node.js. Not just ”because JavaScript is cool”; Node.js has a high performance reputation in serving web pages, as evidenced again in ”An example of how Node.js is faster than PHP”.

Then came Fargo. Fargo is an outliner from the King of Outliners, Dave Winer. You can try out the essential features of outlining in Fargo’s little brother, appropriately called ’Little Outliner’.

And now I have written the draft of this post in another interesting web application: StackEdit. A wide screen is advisable, but yes, it even works in Chrome on my Android tablet. Well done, guys.

What will be next?


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