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Gary Marshall writes about Tech: how old is too old? Laziness could be making us chuck old tech in the attic too soon:

But the iBook in the loft was a perfectly good machine for word processing, web browsing, listening to music and doing email a decade or so ago. Surely the hardware is capable of the same now?

I tend to agree, and I cringe each time a youngster decides that a smartphone bought six or twelve months ago is already ‘passé’.

My 2001 iBook is still serving as a movie player and text editor – my 14 year old daughter only complains about the missing wireless network connection (but WEP has never been an acceptable protocol in this house). So why throw the machine away?

The apple 2001 iBook (c) Baku13

The apple 2001 iBook
(c) Baku13

I was lucky, of course, but the 2007 family iMac just qualified for an update to OS X Mavericks, which it is running while I’m typing this. I will admit that it took some time to install, though, but patience is one of those things you can exercise while using older gadgets ;-)


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