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Accounts with passwords are a standard way for securing access to your own data and tools, but passwords aren’t always as safe as we would like them to be. Password stores get hacked sometimes, but what’s worse: the time needed to extract a plaintext password from its encrypted state is getting shorter and shorter every day. What’s a person to do?

Ars Technica put the question to five security experts: “How do you manage your passwords?” You can find their answers here: “How elite security ninjas choose and safeguard their passwords“. Don’t skimp over the answers provided: there’s a lot of good advice in that text, but you’ll have to compose your own solution for it to be comfortable enough for daily use.

In case you care: I’m using Keepass (in various forms on Android, Ubuntu and Mac OS X), while FolderSync synchronises the encrypted file with a Google Drive account between two Android devices…


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