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From “More Than Honey: A New Documentary Offers Spectacular Close-Ups of Bees Mid-Flight and Perspective on the Worldwide Honeybee Crisis” (Scientific American):

Perhaps the most fundamental problem is our attitude toward the bees. We want our bees to be vigorous, resilient and productive, but we breed them for complacence. We design an agricultural system that is both dependent on honey bees and killing them at the same time. We know that letting sick and healthy bees routinely rub bristles only makes things worse, but we keep doing it anyways. As a people, we ask so much of the bees and give them so little respect…

I hope the movie gets a place in Belgian movie theatres: the preview shows images that I would love to see on a big screen, and not just on my TV or monitor. And don’t forget to try and help the bees: without them, our agriculture might well collapse.


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