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For over a week now I have been comparing the gReader and RssDemon apps on my Samsung Tab 2, in view of the closing of Google reader today. Both these apps offer what Feedly and many other RSS readers are currently missing: the ability to store feeds locally on your device. And that is something I appreciate a lot, because it allows me to read the news, even when there is no data connection while I’m commuting to work by train.¬†Both apps connect to the Feedly Cloud, which will store your feed collection in a way similar to Google Reader and make it available for other apps.

I’m deleting¬†RssDemon, however. Not that it’s a bad app; it’s a bit different from gReader, but I could get used to it… To get used to it, I would have to change my habits, and changing habits is only worthwhile, in my view at least, if there are benefits. In this case, I would lose something I use occasionally: RssDemon does not allow you to copy text from the feed to the clipboard. So I’ll stick to gReader, which has served me well for over a year… until a better app shows up ;-)


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