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From Reclaim Social: “Depending on your personal level of addiction, everyday you create, curate and share things on the internet. Great. You use about 384 social networks, that just don’t belong to you. Still great. Sort of, who wants to own facebook anyway. But if you search anything you shared or liked a year ago, you’re lost. If your account is suspended, your data may be lost completely. Reclaim Social is a wordpress based concept, consisting of some plugins and scripts. It allows you to mirror and store your content and activities around the web on your own blog“.

The Reclaim software is far from finished, so if you know anything about WordPress plugin development you can lend a hand to this open source project started by Sascha Lobo and Felix Schwenzel.

I like the concept, even though I don’t need it for myself: I have almost all of what I ‘produced’ right here on my blog (except for afew hundred not so interesting tweets from more than a year ago). But being able to keep a copy of what you publish is a good idea, in my view. Dave Winer proposes to author your stuff in a single tool under your control, then publish wherever you fancy. Reclaim proposes the inverse way: publish where you want, then copy it all into your blog. Conceptually, Dave’s approach has the advantage; in practice, many people may well find a tool like Reclaim Social simpler to use. And WordPress is a good platform for such a tool, if the reclaimed content can be a part of the normal backup/restore tool in WP.


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