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The bad news, of course, is the discovery last week of a vulnerability in the Android kernel for certain Exynos processors used in several Samsung smartphones. Not that the Galaxy S Plus is using such a processor – but since a few weeks I’m the owner of a Galaxy S III (S3), and that model could be attacked through the hole found by XDA member Alephzain! Amazingly, no word of this problem, nor word of a solution, can be found on the official Samsung websites in the US or Belgium. Let’s hope they do what they promised: get an OTA patch out as soon as possible. If you’re really worried about this problem, head over to Project Voodoo for a temporary solution

The good news is that my Galaxy S III (I suppose I better write SGS3 in the future, that’s easier to type) has already received the Android 4.1.2 update yesterday. Downloading the full update happened during the night, after a bit of manual prodding on the “Check for updates” setting; the installation itself took a handful of minutes and went without a hitch.

I bought my SGS3 in Germany, so I cannot confirm that the update wave has already reached Belgium or the Benelux… Not that there is anything inherently wrong with Android 4.1.1 on the SGS3, but it is nice to see the multi-window feature in action!


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