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Today, this blog has been running for thirteen years. No, I wasn’t the first blogger, not even in Belgium. Nevertheless, thirteen years merit a little celebration, especially now that the content of my original blog has completely been replicated on this site! That has taken a long time, but as I explained earlier: I did it by hand, re-reading my writings and trying to make sure that the links and pictures were still what they are supposed to be. That wasn’t always the case, so you’ll find some links replaced with links to the Internet Archive (the Wayback Machine), some crossed-out, and some in posts put in category ‘Linkrot‘ (and I probably missed a few broken links – don’t hesitate to point them out if you encounter them). All in all, I didn’t lose too much, except for the research time required to try and replace lost target pages. There’s a lesson to be learned from that work: when I show images, I will copy a 400px wide “thumbnail” from the original and link from that thumbnail to the original. So if the original gets lost in the depths of the Web, I’ll still have something to show. Similarly for texts I link to: when discussing a particular point of view, I’ll copy the essential parts as a quote and link to the original rather than just add the link .

A lot happened in those thirteen years. Don’t read too much in them, but I do want to share the numbers with you. The number of blog posts on this blog, per year, to be exact. Can you imagine that I once, in 2004, found the time to blog almost every day (if you don’t count the weekends)? Luckily for all of us, I decided that quality beats quantity ;-)

Year Posts
1999 2
2000 54
2001 94
2002 161
2003 231
2004 282
2005 208
2006 178
2007 136
2008 117
2009 115
2010 128
2011 141
2012 (up to and including November) 150

One thing is certain: the future will bring more posts ;-)

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