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Mobile Misery

OK, I know I was taking some risks, but…

I only wanted to “root” my Galaxy S Plus, and add ClockWorkMod Recovery, in order to make decent backups. Rooting the phone went without a problem, and adding CWM seemed to go smoothly as well. I even succeeded in making a Nandroid backup (or so I thought…). But after that backup the phone always boots into recovery mode, and that is hardly a productive mode for a smartphone.

I tried all kinds of instructions from the XDA Forums, using Heimdall on Ubuntu and Odin on my sons Windows machine, but all to no avail – and in the process I lost all of the local data (nothing too serious, luckily – long live the cloud called Google). I’ll hijack the PC’s of a few friends to see if there’s really nothing to be done (which I find hard to believe – if you’re a specialist on this subject, don’t hesitate to contact me through the comments!).

So I took my ZTE Blade, which I had prepared for my wife to try out these last months. It runs CyanogenMod 7 and does a lot of things well enough, at least for the time required to restore (or, dare I think it: replace) the Samsung. And it has two batteries, enough to make it through even a strenuous day… Correction: it had two batteries: the one I took from the Blade is all “puffed up”, “inflated”!

The "inflated" battery of my ZTE Blade

The “inflated” battery of my ZTE Blade

Is that just the glue doing strange things, or is this battery ready for recycling? Well, in the absence of alternatives I’m not going to gamble: I’m not using it anymore! I wonder: will ZTE care enough about its customers to investigate the matter, considering that this battery has a production date of 2010/07/28? Batteries should last longer than two years, no?

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