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Social media may be all the rage, but that does not make it a simple subject. Have a look at Yammer bij Rabobank (sorry, it’s in dutch) – I like the overview slide (last but one), that explains how the many social tools within Rabobank are used for specific types of communication and collaboration. In other words: no, you can’t expect a single tool to do it all! Introducing e-mail in a company usually doesn’t mean that all telephones are thrown out, no?

Here’s another social media matrix, teaching the same lesson: http://www.rwd.com/uploadedFiles/Campaign/SM_Matrix-final.pdf.

But don’t worry: I know how hard it is to explain this to newbies – or to your management ;-)

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When Dave is scared, it pays to be attentive: Facebook is scaring me. I’m not a Facebook user, but when FB begins, others are bound to follow. And, just like Dave, I don’t want all my actions on the Web (or on one ore more particular sites) being published automatically – I want to be (and stay) in control, especially about my privacy.

Some commenters called it “information leaking”, or “passive like buttons”, but to me such behaviour (from FB or any other site) would just be an invasion into my privacy. I don’t like that, with or without buttons.

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Yesterday, Nikon announced the arrival of a new digital camera system: the Nikon 1 series. Here’s a family picture:

Nikon 1 Overview

The Digital Photography Review website already has had the occasion to handle the new cameras, and explains some of the key capabilities of the cameras: the 1 inch sensor built by Nikon itself, the high-speed autofocus system, the possibility to record video and high-resolution still pictures at the same time, and the built-in electronic viewfinder of the V1 model are just the beginning.

Many commenters on the dpreview.com website think the sensor is too small for serious photography, the more so when compared to the FourThirds system espoused by Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and others. On the other hand, Pentax surprised us all when launching the Q with the 1/2.3″ sensor. I guess we will have to wait and see – literally – what image quality all these system deliver. And I certainly won’t try and predict sales numbers!


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If you want to know how fast basic web technology like HTML and browsers evolved during the last two decades, just have a look at The Evolution of the Web. It’s succint, it’s nice to look at, and it will bring up up some nice memories if you’ve ever done web development. And yes, I still have a copy of the Netscape One-dot- something browser on a working Macintosh SE 30 in my office – too bad it’s so limited in the current Internet that it has become useless for any real browsing.

The Evolution of the Web

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Just a quick note: I did finally find the time to re-test the ntlmHTTP project for ColdFusion after the installation of .NET 3.5 on our ColdFusion test server (check out my earlier posts on the subject). And yes, ntlmHTTP works – at least for accessing web pages that are protected by “Windows Integrated Authentication”. Next trials will try to access SharePoint 2010…

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Yesterday evening, I attended the SAI evening conference on Social Media in Business. Speakers were Cato Léonard and Bert Van Wassenhove. No earth shattering speeches, to be sure, but a good overview of what any business can and/or should do with social media, and the tools that are currently available to monitor and manage social media. A full conference room made it clear: the subject is being discussed in many enterprises.

Cato Léonard talks Social Media while attendants tweet away ;-)

Update (2001-09-18): also read Bruno’s account of the evening (in Dutch)…

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Ginger Stir Fry beta 24 came out on September 12th. I guess I’ll be upgrading one of these days, although I must admit that I still have no problems with beta 19. The only thing that could be better is the speed with which the machine connects to the WiFi network at home, and I seem to have read that there’s an extra option to manage the WiFi sleep…

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