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Kevin Benore has attended a sneak preview of Zeus aka CF 10, and he has published a list of features of the next version of ColdFusion. I hope the final release (when?) will contain all items mentioned here (and more, of course). For me, the replacement of JRun by Tomcat and better WebService support are the most interesting and most wanted features.

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Interestingly, in Confessions of a Microsoft Technology Purist, a self-proclaimed Wintel fan writes: “… we all are becoming device agnostic […] and increasingly, OS agnostic…“. You wouldn’t expect to see a SharePoint Pro bringing a MacBook Air and an iPad to a Microsoft conference, would you?

On one hand I wonder: why did it take this man 15 years to accept the fact that Apple makes better, more portable portables than any other company ;-? Why does he, as fan of a company that once dissed the Internet as irrelevant, today embraces the fact that cloud computing (however you define it) is becoming an essential part of our daily professional and personal lives? Alright, I’ll stop being sarcastic, because it’s good to see that people change their point of view and chuck their prejudices.

On the other hand my own “computing situation” has evolved as well. Macintoshes are no longer the only computers in this house. MacOS is no longer the only serious OS on the CPU’s around me, with Ubuntu Linux and Android. More and more of my documents – blog posts, email, photos – are stored somewhere online.

It’s an Apple-Google world now but what does that mean for SharePoint and Microsoft?” – well, it means that Microsoft will have to learn to integrate its solutions into the online world, in one way or another. Buying Skype (or Facebook, or Twitter, or …) may help (or not – we’ll see), but only the future will tell what the IT landscape will look like in one or two decades…

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